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We translate your vision for the future into infrastructure with a distinctive signature

M.O.O.CON develops workplace, learning and cultural environments with a distinctive identity. As the go-to consultancy for sustainable buildings, service and change processes, we help you ensure the success of your company (Business) and keep your users happy (Users) while doing your bit for a liveable environment (Planet).

Values. Work.

The values underpinning new workplace, learning and cultural environments (Next:work), open up a new perspective on the value of workplace infrastructure (Next:infrastructure).

We leverage potential from the interplay between people, organisation, building(s) and services, thus optimising the impact on Users, Business and Planet and maximising your contribution towards a one-planet economy.

Who we are and what we do

We bring together strategic advisors, implementers and transformation consultants in a single team.

Taking your corporate purpose and goals as the basis, we work with you to develop your Next:work and Next:infrastructure.

  • Our strategic advisors develop property and corporate real estate strategies as well as workplace and change strategies.
  • Our implementers work in partnership with staff from your organisation to steer your project through planning and implementation through to usage.
  • Our transformation consultants support people and organisation in navigating the change processes associated with your new workplace environment.

What sets us apart

  • Our understanding of your corporate purpose helps us steer your projects to a successful conclusion.
  • Aware of the direction of travel for Next:work and Next:infrastructure, our aim is to give your projects a visionary focus.
  • Our work with our project partners is based on a collaborative, peer-to-peer approach, because major goals can only be achieved by working together.
  • We involve people in our projects so they can play a part in shaping change.

We are passionate experts from 13 nations, working in interdisciplinary project teams with backgrounds in architecture, civil engineering, business administration, Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate, project management and psychology. We are professionally, socially and personally competent and take 100 percent responsibiity. We settle for nothing less than excellent performance, are curious, creative and dedicated team player. We enjoy meaningful, innovative work.

M.O.O.CON values


Our culture is shaped by freedom and self-determination. We are independent and incorruptible.


Our performance essentially depends on how we interact as people.


We strive to give of our very best to deliver effective results.


We assume responsibility – what we do or don't do is informed by our awareness of the wider consequences.


Never satisfied with simply meeting standards, our creative vision is shaped by a constant drive to set new benchmarks for the future.

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