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We translate your vision for the future into infrastructure with a distinctive signature

M.O.O.CON is the go-to consultancy for sustainable buildings, processes and workplace environments with a distinctive signature. For us, infrastructure design is an effective management tool that plays a decisive role in the economic, cultural, structural and social success of organisations.

Values. Work.

Our work is all about values. Values defined by the organisation and the people within it that can be anchored to the premises they occupy. Our job is to develop, uphold and cultivate these values. We deliver comprehensive, sustainable results at the strategic and operational levels.

How we work

We are strategic advisors and implementers. We develop effective analogue and digital infrastructure to translate your corporate visions into reality, and support you in its implementation.

Your corporate identity and strategic objectives are the foundations of your enterprise.

M.O.O.CON translates your visions for the future into sustainable buildings, processes and workplace environments.

The better the interplay of people, organisational structure and premises supports your corporate strategy, the more sustainable its impact on value added and value enhancement will be.

What sets us apart.
Success is no coincidence

We love our work, because it's exciting, varied and responsible. The projects we are entrusted with call for a high degree of professionalism coupled with an open, cooperative approach. We organise ourselves into interdisciplinary project teams to deliver optimum support and advice to our clients.

We are a group of experts from 13 different nations with backgrounds in architecture, civil & structural engineering, business administration, CREM/FM, IT, project management and psychology. We have strong professional, social and personal skills and assume full responsibility for what we do. We are satisfied with nothing less than excellent performance; we are curious, creative, and committed team players. We enjoy producing meaningful, innovative work.

We are united in our conviction that a holistic approach to consultancy is absolutely essential in the strategic planning and implementation of real estate projects. The combined effect of our four strands of consultancy  makes us unique.

M.O.O.CON values


Our culture is shaped by freedom and self-determination. We are independent and incorruptible.


Our performance essentially depends on how we interact as people.


We strive to give of our very best to deliver effective results.


We assume responsibility – what we do or don't do is informed by our awareness of the wider consequences.


Never satisfied with simply meeting standards, our creative vision is shaped by a constant drive to set new benchmarks for the future.

M.O.O.CON facts & figures


Over 100 and we're looking to grow

M.O.O.CON regional offices

with 6 branch offices throughout your region


over 30 years and still full of curiosity

Projects large and small

Over 1001 in 15 countries

Countries in which we operate

15 all over Europe


Developing strategies, Transforming workplace environments, Designing projects, Optimising processes

Was does M.O.O.CON stand for?

People, Organisations, Infrastructure & Consulting

Where we operate

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