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Passionate about meaningful projects.

Doing meaningful work

Quite understandably, most people want the work they do to be meaningful.

M.O.O.CON is the go-to consultancy for sustainable analogue and digital infrastructure with a distinctive identity. We translate an organisation's identity into workplace environments, buildings and services that reflect that identity. We design the future – and that's meaningful in itself! Read on to get an overview of what we do.

How do we want to work in the future?

Let's get together and find out!

We are a multi-faceted team with diverse biographies and professional backgrounds. Interdisciplinary collaboration, an open, cooperative approach and a workplace that adapts to our needs make for an inspiring working environment – whether at our M.O.O.CON home.base or anywhere else. We encourage individual initiative, creativity and flexibility. We work as a team and act as responsible entrepreneurs and individuals.

Offene Stellen

Consultant CREM/FM (m/w) * Frankfurt am Main


Florian Danner


ab sofort

Dich erwartet eine interessante und verantwortungsvolle Tätigkeit durch die Möglichkeit Zukunft zu gestalten, wechselnde Projekte, eine kontinuierliche Aus- und Weiterbildung, eine ehrliche, vertrauensbasierte und teamorientierte Arbeitskultur sowie ein hohes Entwicklungspotential.

Wir arbeiten leidenschaftlich, denn unsere Tätigkeit ist spannend, vielseitig und verantwortungsvoll.

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