Transforming workplace environments / Conceptual planning

Workplace concepts

You see the need to transform your current workplace environment because your organisational culture, ways of working and the role of the office have changed. You have realised that your current workplace environment is no longer consistent with modern developments (Covid, digitalisation, agility, hybridity, etc.) or the needs of your employees and now face the task of bringing it up to date. You want to enhance the attractiveness of your workplace and improve employee satisfaction. What you lack, however, is a sound strategy to transform your workplace environment in a robust, forward-looking way.

We work with you to develop the strategic framework for your new workplace environment and redefine the role of your office space and other places where people work ("third places"). We take a look at current and future trends in related areas and give you an insight into benchmarks & KPIs.

Together we determine the core elements of your office concept and design spatial zones and usage patterns that support you and your colleagues in your work. We design the workplace concept for the global, regional or local level according to your brief and devise the associated implementation processes.

These M.O.O.CON experts support you in the design and implementation of new workplace environments.

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