transforming workplace environments / conceptual planning

Organisational planning

Your organisation is about to undergo far-reaching change or reorientation, and you'd like your future infrastructure to reflect that. Your mission is to create workplace environments that embody your corporate vision and goals as well as meeting the needs of your organisation and its employees. Your enterprise is about to move to new premises, rebuild or remodel its infrastructure or radically change its existing workplace utilisation concept, and it's clear to you that an evolution of this magnitude is much more than a pure planning and construction project.

Organisational planning is the upstream strategic process for the design of new workplace environments. We accompany you on your journey into radical new areas. No matter what type of workplace environments you're venturing into – function-based, activity-based, content-based or purpose-based – we guide you through all the stages of the organisational planning process in advance:

  • Vision and mission

  • Values and standards

  • Goals

  • Organisational model

  • Working model

  • User typology

The results of this essential step – set out in the organisational plan – provide the orientation and framework for the subsequent steps as well as defining the methodology and processes to be used for detailed planning of requirements.


These M.O.O.CON experts support you in the design and implementation of new workplace environments.

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