Unser Leitbild und unsere Philosophie

The M.O.O.CON® mission

What drives us.

We support companies with great passion in optimizing their core values and generating higher added value. We understand the current and future requirements of a company and will translate them to identity-building and sustainable premises and services. The interaction between people, organisation and premises has an effect on our customer’s success, and confirms every day that our approach is the right one. 

What defines us.

Experts in business administration, architecture and project management are working at M.O.O.CON®. We are all connected by the firm conviction that only a holistic approach permits strategic consultation, planning and implementation. It is the interrelation between our four areas of competence – organisation, process, life cycle and management – that makes us unique.  


We work with corporate values. Values that connect with premises, but are created by people’s performance and the organisation of processes and work flows. We develop, maintain and cultivate these values.  


We work with economic, cultural, organisational and social awareness. We do this comprehensively and for the long term, on a strategic, organisational and operative level. The effective collaboration of people, organisation and premises makes a significant contribution to the success of the company.  
Find out more about us in our corporate brochure: 

M.O.O.CON® corporate brochure Download (pdf / 2.5 mb)