“An opportunity for change.”

The efficient development of a profile of your leased space and of a transparent criteria structure creates security in the selection of the leased space and optimises the existing spaces. As independent tenant representative, we represent your tenant interests during the negotiation of contracts and take care that your relocation is carried out in a quick and resource-conserving manner. We accompany your changes with appropriate information and change management measures. Eventually we ensure the return of the space you leave.

We control your individual relocation process in 2 stages, from the search of the location until the housewarming party.
  • After defining all requirements to the planned relocation, we perform a neutral assessment of suitable premises, and negotiate the lease contract based on the devoloped fit out concept.
    • Project preparation and planning

    • Selection of the lease model and briefing about the areas to be leased

    • Tenant representation and reporting

    • Assessment criteria and premises procurement

    • Conduct of negotiations
    • Organisation and requirement planning (working concept, usage, area, location, infrastructure, fit-out quality)
    • Furnishing requirements
    Life cycle
    • Profitability calculation of the leased spaces on offer
    • Set-up of the budget framework and derivation of the tenant and landlord budget
    • Review according to sustainability criteria
    Operations Management
    • Definition of interfaces between tenant fit-out projects and landlord fit-out projects
    • Development of service concept (in-house operation to fully managed workplace)
  • We coordinate the planning of interior design, fit-out, technology and supervision of execution. By controlling all parties involved in the move and the return of your old premises, we secure the on-time successful realisation of your relocation project.
    • Project management (organisation, coordination, cost management, schedule management, quality management, contract management)

    • Acquisition of partners for execution and fitting, service providers and services
    • Relocation management / change management

    • Reporting
    • Defining requirements (IT/TK, safety, media technology, signage, equipment and design)
    • Occupancy planning / space planning
    • Planning of furnishing and interior design
    Life cycle
    • Cost monitoring and settlement
    • Quality monitoring in design, furnishing and commissioning
    Operations Management
    • Planning of service and operator concepts
    • Implementation of FM products and services (technical, commercial and infrastructural)
  • Plans which are ready for implementation

  • Occupancy planning / space planning

  • Perfectly matched interior design

  • On-time execution and acceptance

  • Optimum organisation of the relocation

  • Well-functioning and optimised workplaces

  • Smooth dismantling and reinstatement of the old premises